Music Revival

10 February - 30 June
A Today at Apple programme by Made in LDN

Programme Overview

We are lining up some very exciting guest speakers and industry professionals to join us on this programme, so keep your ear to the ground to hear the latest updates. The first session will be on Wed 10th Feb at 6pm on Webex.

Artist In Focus

Part 1: 10 February, Part 2: 24 February
An intimate, in depth Q&A interview with a musician about their project and how they got to where they are, their biggest successes and the things that they had to overcome to get where they are now. Creating a focus on the early start of their project. How did they grow a team? Did they have a label? Lawyer? Publisher?

Online Creative Direction

Part 1: 10 March, Part 2: 24 March
How to make your music stand out online - How do you create an original and cohesive look that runs throughout your project? From your images to videos, social media pages and album art? We speak to the teams that make it happen.

Music Video Masterclass

Part 1: 14 April, Part 2: 21 April
Shining a light on the next generation of producer directors and the masterminds behind some of the UK’s biggest music videos. Understanding how to shoot on a budget, create storyboards and how to make your ideas a reality.

The Insiders

5 May
An open format discussion about the music business with audience led questions on how to get in to the industry and the key questions that you would like answered. A discussion between the panellists about how their jobs interlink and create an ecosystem. This could also be an in focus with just one of these people. Would also be great to discuss raising funds at this point.

Behind The Deal

19 May
A conversation between a label, a publisher or distributor. Discussing the benefits for new artists of working with each and how you all work together to create an artist ecosystem to put out your music. Could also speak to an artist who runs their own label. What does the future of the industry look like in this space?

Your Music To the World

Part 1: 2 June, Part 2: 16 June
You have your music, your creative is on point and now it is time to take your project to the world. We speak to some of the teams behind todays biggest successes and find out how to use marketing, PR and social media to make your project fly.

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