About Poplar HARCA Creating Opportunities together

Poplar HARCA is an award-winning Housing and Regeneration Community Association in east London.

Poplar HARCA manages over 10,000 homes in the area, and invests over 4M annually into community regeneration.

Serving the needs and aspirations of the community in Poplar and Bow underpins everything we do.

Our mission is to amplify the voices of our local young people, so that they, too, can influence the future of Poplar HARCA and the community in east London as a whole.

What is the Youth Empowerment Board?

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The YEB is a committed group of young people who meet monthly to generate ideas, learn skills and have their opinions and perspectives listened to by high-level decision makers within Poplar HARCA.

The YEB will form part of the official governance structure of Poplar HARCA, and as such is called upon for ideas, feedback and inspiration.


The YEB’s mission will be to bring youth voice into the heart of decision-making at Poplar HARCA.

Alongside Poplar HARCA’s various committees and panels, the YEB will have the power and influence to create real change for the community in Poplar and Bow.


The YEB will have at it’s focus the following:

  • Sustainable thinking and practice
  • Regeneration of the Teviot Estate
  • Regular communication with Poplar HARCA Services Committee and Board

Who are we looking for?

We want to hear from a range of young people, who have a wide set of of backgrounds and experiences.

If you’re interested, you’ll need to be passionate about social issues locally – particularly sustainability – and keen to have your voice heard by those in power.

You’ll also be keen to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, and confident in presenting these to groups of adults.

In addition to this, see below our essentials:

Age: 16-21

Interests: politics, governance, sustainability

Passionate about: E3 & E14

Support + Benefits What's in it for you?

As well as bringing youth voice into the heart of what we do at Poplar HARCA, being involved in the YEB will present lots of opportunities for self-development:

  • Improved employability prospects
  • Skills development
  • Networking opportunities
  • 1:1 access to a professional mentor
  • A tailored Individual Action Plan
  • The opportunity to become a YEB alumni
  • Residentials / Trips / Rewards

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Please note: your personal data is being collected for record-keeping purposes, and will not be shared with third parties outside of Poplar HARCA.

A privacy notice is on the Poplar HARCA website, explaining in greater detail what we will and will not use your data for.

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