Welcome to Podcast Starz! The deep, thoughtful and comedic Podcast hosted by East London Youth – Who have got something to say!

If you’re between the ages of 11 and 19 (or up to 25 with SEND), Podcast Starz at Spotlight’s creative youth space is your chance to learn how to produce and host your own podcast.

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Season 1 Introducing your hosts, Jed and Safia!

Get to know them with 4 questions exploring identity, personality and objects and songs that the hosts feel describe them.

in conversation with Spotlight Youth Worker Carlos.

Saf’s Stories

Introducing Safia! In her own words, she’s taking each day as it comes, join Saf on her journey to confidence and living a life she is excited about.

The Environment, the planet where we’re all born, how can we ruin our own home?

What can be done?

Join Safia in a conversation about the environment and youth activism, being vegan, maintaining bio-diversity, zero waste living and discussion about Environmental Anxiety.

Safia is back to talk about something a bit important: Social Media.

How many hours do you use Social Media?

It can either make us or break us. Bring us together or push us apart.

Jed’s Questioning Corner

Hello! Welcome to Jed’s Questioning Corner series.

Jed is proudly autistic, listen to the show where we QUESTION EVERYTHING.

We all love Hodon!

Jed’s interview with Spotlight’s Front of House Youth Worker Hodon.

What’s it like to know everyone in East London? Hodon chats about the close-knit East London community and tips for youth workers.

In this episode, Jed interviews Spotlight’s own Creative Programme Lead Poppy! What’s a creative programme manager for a youth service like Spotlight reaaally like?

On Jed’s questioning corner, he interviews Spotlight’s own Creative Programme Manager Emma!

Why join Spotlight? Emma breaks down why Spotlight is the best place for young people who want to be creative. And how do we really listen to young people’s voices in our work?

Jed’s Questioning Corner with Spotlight’s very own Ellie! Ellie is Spotlight’s incredible Youth Theatre lead, as well as other awesome things at Spotlight. Get comfy and tune in.