London Youth’s Young Leader of the Year: Moosa Miah


London Youth’s Young Leader of the Year: Moosa Miah

Introducing your winner for the London Youth Award 2023, Young Leader of the Year: Moosa Miah.

Spotlight and Poplar HARCA are committed to investing in young trustees and young people into powerful decision-making positions. Moosa’s story truly brings to life the incredible young talent of London’s Youth in the borough of Tower Hamlets. Moosa is an incredible inspiration and leader to the area.

Moosa Miah, a remarkable 18 year-old resident of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, has achieved an extraordinary milestone. He has grown from a young volunteer at Spotlight at the age of 17, to becoming a Services Committee Board member for Poplar HARCA at the age of 18. His dedication and commitment to the Youth Empowerment Board (YEB) have led to this historic appointment, making him the first young person to hold senior leadership decision-making powers within the organization.

Moosa’s inspiring journey began when he was selected to join the Youth Empowerment Board (YEB), a programme that bridges Spotlight to Poplar HARCA. Enabling them to actively participate in decision-making processes related to housing and planning in the local community. Despite the demands of his academic life as Vice Student Head at Langdon Park School and examinations, Moosa dedicated 132 hours to this voluntary position.

Moosa’s outstanding contributions to the YEB have had a profound impact:

• Unofficial Young Leader: Moosa demonstrated unwavering commitment and became the unofficial young leader of the Youth Empowerment Board. His guidance helped the group gain a deeper understanding of local and national decision-making processes, elevating the group’s aspirations towards attaining high-level senior leadership positions.

• National Exposure: Moosa had the opportunity to attend two YEB residentials, including one in Scotland sponsored by the Hill Group. During his visit to Scotland, he addressed an audience of 2,000 people, sharing insights about life in East London.

• Engagement with Housing Experts: Moosa was selected to participate in an Inside Housing roundtable with senior figures in the housing industry. This platform allowed him to advocate for the needs of young people in addressing today’s housing issues.

• Advocacy in Healthcare: Moosa served as a young host for a forum focused on young people’s rights in healthcare, further demonstrating his commitment to improving the lives of his peers.

• Influencing Housing Design: His insights and views directly influenced the design of the new Aberfeldy estate in East London, showcasing the real impact of his involvement in decision-making processes.

In Summer 2023, Moosa Miah advanced to Poplar HARCA’s Services Committee as a board member. This appointment exemplifies his commitment to advocating for the youth and bringing about positive change in his community. His groundbreaking appointment as the first young person on a housing governance committee at Poplar HARCA is a testament to his passion, dedication, and leadership.

Moosa Miah represents the next generation of London Youth. A generation driven by making a difference and holding decision makers accountable to the needs of young people, the community and our environment. We see time and time again the power of youth voice on key issues relating to community challenges, diversity, and climate protection. We welcome the insight Moosa will bring to the directorate at Poplar HARCA.