New youth work project launching to transform young lives on the Isle of Dogs


New youth work project launching to transform young lives on the Isle of Dogs

We’re working with The Utilize Project (TUP) to expand our award-winning youth work to a new centre on the Isle of Dogs

Our latest detached youth work project, launched on the 17th August, aims to tackle youth offending, unlock local potential and transform the community.

The new Isle of Dogs programme will provide centre-based and detached community outreach through mentoring, courses providing qualifications that can jump-start participants’ careers, and other support tailored to meet the needs and preferences of the groups Spotlight works with.

The service will be running in autumn out of two spacious floors in Waverly House, Pepper Street. Until then, you will be able to spot our team in their noticeable Spotlight t-shirts out and about on the Isle of Dogs talking to young people and finding out what they want the centre to look like.

We have managed to achieve this by working closely with The Utilize Project (TUP), a social enterprise which utilises empty and abandoned spaces in London for creative and social impact projects to benefit local communities.

With an estimated one million young people missing out on youth services compared to last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown according to the National Youth Agency, this is an exciting opportunity to reach out to and engage with young people who haven’t been able to access our services before.

To find out more visit The Utilize Project’s website here