Open to Inspire


Open to Inspire

If you walk past Spotlight you can immediately see how amazing the building looks, walk inside and you will be blown away with the attention to detail that has gone in to making sure that the young people of East London and beyond have a phenomenal space to facilitate their creative dreams and discover previously unknown talents.

However, the shine of a building can soon lose its glow if what is offered inside is not of the same quality. To make sure that this is not the case, Rosie, our Creative Director and Dave our Strategic Development Manager have been scouring the country for the best possible people to come and help us deliver a programme like nothing else.

As our tag line says, we are open to inspire, and we have only invited in partners who we believe will bring that passion and inspiration to young people. We have a wide range of partners from National organisations such as the National Theatre, British Film Institute and the University of the Arts London through to local amazing partners such as IMD Legion, Community Music and Young and Talented. Plus many, many more.

The question for young people is what do you want to do?  Make a film, write a play, learn comedy, put on a music festival, learn to draw …?

We are listening to young people all the time and will continue to look for partners who will not only inspire them to engage with the creative arts but can advise the best way forward if young people want to pursue their dreams further.