Spotlight Either/Or: Vicky


Spotlight Either/Or: Vicky

It’s time to get to know our Spotlight youth workers a bit better, and what better way than a quick game of (kind of) Spotlight-themed either or questions?

First up to face the questions is Youth Worker in Charge at Lansbury Spotlight (and winner of Best Hair in our office awards) Vicky:

Youth Worker in Charge Vicky Spotlight

Youth Worker in Charge Vicky

Afrobeats or Mic Check?

Afrobeats– Sorry Tech Team!

Table Tennis or Pool?


Chicken or chips?

Got to be chicken.

Instagram or Spotify?


Helal’s curry or Emma’s Christmas dinner?

Not sure if I’m allowed to answer this one haha!

Never have your hair styled again or never buy new clothes again?

Never have your hair styled again – I do my own hair and can make clothes, but just out of convenience, it’s easier for me to do my hair than it is for me to make an outfit.

Never come back to Lansbury Spotlight again or have to live in Lansbury Spotlight for a month

We have pretty decent resources here to be honest, so it wouldn’t be hard to do for a month. Any longer I might decide otherwise.