VOID by S+K Project – 1st February 7pm


VOID by S+K Project – 1st February 7pm

But I didn’t want to keep breathing… I couldn’t believe that life would be resigned to this cycle, the rotation of in and out.

Do you ever feel like your life is subscribed to a routine? A monotonous cycle of thoughts and actions, attempting daily to feel fulfilled – to fulfil others… to fill your voids?

VOID is an exploration of the soul’s anatomy. This striking piece of new writing by Birmingham-based writer Rumi Woolf breaks boundaries of form, linearity and storytelling in a unique participatory experience, bringing to the forefront issues of human need, desire, obligatory love, the constant stream of connection and dissociation – and the addictive nature of Tesco meal deals.

Join us for a journey of dissecting the human unconscious and the strings of our puppet master: the joys, the pain, the songs and the love that seed themselves deep beneath our common being.

Then, in a flashing movement, your foot is pricked by a bramble. A trickle of negligible blood flushes the grass red… You deny the pain. You keep running.

Join us for a night of new performance by S+K Project at 7pm on Thursday 1st February. This performance is specifically for young people aged 14 to 18, so if that is you, if you would like to bring a group of young people, OR if you are a Spotlight member, or thinking about signing up, come along! It’s all free for young people.

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See you there!